Crypto currency-based
lifestyle platform


Pay easy with Paycoin,
in convenience stores​, cafes, restaurants,
and even on online shopping malls.

By connecting all the economic networks with virtual assets.

Paycoin reimagines
and embodies new values with innovation.

From domestic to global,
Our service goes beyond border.

Paycoin connects the world with virtual assets payment,
For anyone, anywhere, at any anytime.

A Virtual Asset that is
more than just an investment.
Not only in payment
but also in our daily life!

Paycoin is establishing a coin-friendly
environment across every sector,
from shopping, travel to education and much more.

Invest and deposit
virtual assets easily,
without any complicated
registration process!

As the initial contact point
that connects users and virtual assets,
Paycoin offers easy and simple services.

All Paycoin Merchants​
All Paycoin Merchants​

Shop at the Lowest Price and Earn PC

Paycoin Shopping

Shop at the Lowest Price
and Earn PCI as Rewards
A Whole New Experience in Shopping!

* Users can choose PCI, credit card, or mobile payment.
* This service is only available in Korea.

Are you feeling bored?

Try Paycoin Games

The Easiest
and Funniest Way to Earn PCI.

* This service is only available in Korea.

Purchase Mobile Vouchers with PCI

Paycoin Gift

Purchase Various Mobile Vouchers
for movies, restaurants, etc.,
and Receive PCI as Rewards

* This service is only available in Korea.